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Purple Pansies

Tribute to Mary Cassatt
Velga is a natural artist, observant of the world, inventive, a bit contrary and seeking to express herself in ways that are true to her in her inner voice. She earned a degree in art at the University of Iowa but her career path took another direction. She held a number of positions with the Iowa Department of Human Services. During those years in addition to her dedication to family and career, Velga managed to explore different avenues of artistic expression.

Today she works as a full time artist. While earlier work focussed on weaving with natural fibers and the gradual experimentation with non-traditional materials, her current work uses societal discards in much the same ingenious and artistic manner that pioneer women used scraps of fabric and discarded clothing to create beautiful quilts.

The images are surprising.What looks at first to be a photograph of a small quilt, upon close inspection reveals itself to be comprised of sometimes hundreds of small pieces cut from cancelled postage stamps, used envelopes, and other found materials which the artist has coaxed and manipulated into inventive images within the structure of a more traditional art form.

Velga Easker exhibits her work regularly and has been included in national competitive exhibitions. Commissioned pieces hang at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Hotel Pattee, and Mercy Hospital in Cedar Rapids. In 2000 her work was featured in a one-person show at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art.

A review of a recent exhibit at the Galesburg Arts Center gives insight into her work and can be found here.

Secret Letters

Playing with Goldfish


Flower Garden
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