Summer View Near Mt. Ayr

Summer View Near Mt. Ayr by Fred Easker

Product Description

The two smaller sizes are best printed on paper. The larger size can be printed on canvas with good effect. Proportional reproductions can be printed in custom sizes. Images larger than 44 inches wide are best printed on canvas due to framing considerations. Framing costs are about equal for a paper reproduction (which requires glass) and a reproduction on canvas that generally will require a stretcher. Canvas reproductions can be printed to allow for a gallery wrap presentation. Contact the artist for more information and a price quote.

All paintings are inspired by actual places in the landscape. To locate those sites pick on map pin for corresponding painting.

Painting Location

40.782721, -94.224936




Original Painting

Dimensions 15 x 60 Inches

Date 1999

Availability Original Unavailable

Collection: Private Collection